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Seminar and Workshop

Seminar & Workshop held during 2006-2010

16th September 2006 Govt.sponsored one day workshop on self- employment Generation.
12th October 2006 Blood Donation Day observed.
25th November 2006 One day Blood - Group Testing Camp organized.
29th November 2006 Field study (for Environmental Studies) to Rani Forest Area of Kamrup District - on TDC 2nd year Students.
1st December 2006 Observed World AIDS awareness day.
11th December 2006 Mock drill for Disaster Management of Search and Rescue Team and First Aid Team.
7th January, 2010 Seminar - "The Best Social Ideology"  by Dept. of Philosophy and Political Science.
4th September, 2010 Seminar - "Radhakrishnan and his Philosophy" by the Dept. of Philosophy.
8th September, 2010 Seminar - "Historical Literature of AHOM" by the Dept. of History.
22nd September, 2010 Seminar - "Causes and Remedies of Unemployment Problem in Assam", by the Dept. of Economics
24th September, 2010 Seminar - "Asomiya Byakaranar itihas", by the Dept. of Assamese.
28th September, 2010 Seminar - "Panchayatiraj System in India with special reference to Assam", by the Dept. of Political Science.
2nd November, 2010 Seminar - "Role of Individual in Conservation and Preservation of Environment", by the Dept. of Education
4th November, 2010 Seminar - "Environmental Pollution : Causes, Effects and Protection", by the Dept. of Environmental Studies.
16th November, 2010 Seminar - "MONSOONS, its Causes, Effects and Impact on India", by the Dept. of Geography.

The College organized two National level seminars in 2007. One in the Department of Assamese and other in Department of Philosophy

8th & 9th August 2007 UGC sponsored two days seminar on "Adhunikar Prekshapatat Asomiya Sanskritir Reh-rup" organized by Department of Assamese
5th & 6th October 2007 UGC sponsored two days seminar on "Gandhian Thought and Its Relevance in Present Society" organized by Department of Philosophy


Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University 

Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury inaugurates the National Seminar on 8th August, 2007

A glimpse of UGC sponsored National Seminar on 

5th October, 2007



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